Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

  • Is It Time To Remove A Tree From Your Yard?

    Getting rid of a beloved tree is not something that homeowners look forward to doing. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that require the removal of a tree to ensure the safety of your property. Knowing when to call in a professional for help allows you to remove a tree on your own terms rather than waiting for the tree to fall, potentially damaging your home or landscape. Here are some simple factors that you can consider to help you determine the best time to remove a tree from your yard.

  • 5 Steps To Help A Topped Tree Recover

    Tall trees in the yard can be beautiful, but often they are pruned incorrectly in an attempt to control the tree height. The process of cutting the top of the tree flat, called topping, can be highly detrimental to a tree's health. 1. Wait Until Next Season Don't act too quickly after topping, as the tree needs time to begin recovery from the over-pruning stress. Allow at least one year of growth, as those new branches that will sprout up are the key to recovery.

  • 3 Tree Removal Tips If Your Neighborhood Has An HOA

    Homeowner's Associations (HOAs) are common in many parts of the United States. While people often associate these organizations with condominiums, HOAs are also a feature of many typical suburban neighborhoods. Since these are community-run organizations, their bylaws and powers for enforcement can vary considerably. While HOAs often provide valuable services to their community, they can make certain tasks a little more complicated. If you need to remove a tree from your property, here are three important tips to avoid problems with your local HOA.

  • What Benefits Are Associated With Tree Removal?

    Like most property owners, you probably think of tree removal only when a tree becomes a safety risk. While this is an excellent reason to seek removal services, particularly if the tree is dying or diseased, you may require the service in other instances. For instance, you may want to get rid of a tree that doesn't have desirable value to plant new trees. Also, removal is needed when trees are overcrowded or growing under power lines.

  • Want Healthy And Happy Landscaping Trees? They Need Yearly Pruning

    All residential landscaping trees need regular pruning to keep them healthy and attractive. However, many homeowners are apprehensive about pruning their trees and opt to skip this task altogether. They pay for this choice during storms when their trees suffer excessive, unnecessary damage. Every fall, you should have all the trees in your yard pruned. If you have small trees and can do this task yourself, then it is an excellent DIY project.

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    Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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