Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

  • Three Growth Issues With Landscape Trees

    Overgrown trees can pose a danger to both themselves and to others. This is because a tree that is producing bad growth patterns is more likely to split or drop branches, which can result in injury to a person or damage to property. The poor growth and subsequent damage can also result in fatal injuries or leave the tree open to later disease or pest issues. The following can help you avoid three of the most common types of dangerous growth patterns.

  • Dangers You Run Into When Trimming Trees (And How To Avoid Them)

    Trimming your own trees gives you control over the look and style of your backyard. It also helps you feel like a tough homeowner who can handle their own problems. However, there are a variety of dangers you need to consider whenever you trim your trees and many of these dangers are serious enough to be deadly. Thankfully, it's easy to avoid them if you take a few simple precautions.

  • Three Things To Know About Adding New Plants After Removing An Old Stump

    If you've just had a tree stump removed from your lawn and are planning to add new plants to that area, start planning ahead now because it may take some time to make the site ready. Removing an old stump often leaves you with what looks like a big expanse of bare soil just waiting for new plants, but the stump removal has side effects that need addressing first. Here are three things to know about planting on the old stump site.

  • 3 Reasons To Consider Tree Removal For A Tree On Your Property

    Not all trees pose a threat to property owners; however, some trees do and they can often times be difficult to detect. This is why many property owners experience problems in the future when the tree becomes so badly damaged that it eventually falls and causes damage or starts to wrap itself around the plumbing or electrical lines attached to your home, causing even more damage. Here are three reasons to consider tree removal for a specific tree on your property:

  • Planted Some Dogwood Trees? How To Care For Them To Keep Them Healthy

    If you drive around in the spring, you will likely see many dogwood trees around your neighborhood in full color. One common dogwood you will likely see is the Cornus florida, but there are many species. Dogwood trees have white, red, rose, or pink flowers.  Along with the colorful flowers, you can find dogwood trees that have colorful bark, such as orange, red, or yellow. Depending on the species, these trees will showcase blooms starting in the spring and up through the middle of summer.

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    Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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